Green Tape-recorder Printed Juttis |

The handcrafted fabric clad juttis bring a versatile twist to the ethnic footwear. 

Can clean it with a wet/dry cloth or with a mild cleanser.

Disclaimer: We are doing consistent effort to make the colours and finishes similar to the image of the products you see on the page. However, the actual product and the images on the website may differ. Customers discretion is advised.

Traditional Pitara provides all lightweight handcrafted Make In India products with signature prints. The brand focuses on filling the missing links in every look. It provides unique products that connect to our Indian history. All beautiful things cannot be seen or even touched, they can only be felt. Being Traditional is a root centric by choice not by chance..

Traditional Pitara product range includes Handmade Fabric Clutches, Fabric Slings, Oxidized Jewelry, Kids accessories, and many more.

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